What's Happening in Grade 4: September 2012
Dear Grade 4 Students and Parents,
Welcome to a new school year at DMLFNS!! I'm excited to be your teacher for the year, and am look forward to all of the things we are going to learn together. You are now an Intermediate student, so the work is going to be harder, and the expectations higher.
Here are a few things that you can do to start the year off right:
  • Pack your bag in the evening so you don't forget anything at home
  • Write in your agenda every day at school, and check it when you get home
  • Review new things you've learned everyday for 10 minutes in the evening, this will help you to remember it better. You can
    • read the textbook again
    • explain an idea to your parents or siblings
    • check your homework after you've finished to check for mistakes
  • Have a good, nutritious breakfast - make sure it includes foods from all food groups
  • Get a good night's sleep - you need 10-11 hours every night!
  • Do something physical every day - play games, go for a walk, sports
  • Read something, in any language